Tenjuan, Subtemple of Nanzenji, Kyoto (by Christian Kaden)

Employees spent 8 hrs overnight filling shelves in the newly remodeled rooms. Here they are resting this morning. 

Martyr by Tom Bagshaw
"When you begin to find love, in people and places where you haven’t found it before, it’s always because you’ve grown."
— Mike Dooley, Notes from the Universe (via leopardprintbooties)
"Hate can be a positive emotion. When it forces you to be something better than yourself. You built me, constructed my desire and perfected my hatred. Now I’m driven to be 10 times better than you think you are."

Kaneoya Sachiko

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Paige Bradley created one of the most striking sculptures I’ve seen in recent times. Her masterpiece, entitled Expansion, is a beautiful woman seeking inner piece but fractured and bleeding with light. “From the moment we are born, the world tends to have a container already built for us to fit inside: a social security number, a gender, a race, a profession,” says Bradley. “I ponder if we are more defined by the container we are in than what we are inside. Would we recognize ourselves if we could expand beyond our bodies?”


Disney Channel’s Phineas and Ferb will pay tribute to LOST this fall with a special episode inspired by the ABC drama. Titled “Lost in Danville,” the animated series’ homage will find the titular duo discovering a mysterious locked capsule in their backyard. (TVLine)