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Emir of Bukhara, 1910.
Owned by the Library of Congress since 1948, this was originally one of a series of photographs taken between 1909 and 1912. 
As stated on : “Photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii (1863-1944) undertook a photographic survey of the Russian Empire with the support of Tsar Nicholas II. He used a specialized camera to capture three black and white images in fairly quick succession, using red, green and blue filters, allowing them to later be recombined and projected with filtered lanterns to show near true color images. The high quality of the images, combined with the bright colors, make it difficult for viewers to believe that they are looking 100 years back in time - when these photographs were taken, neither the Russian Revolution nor World War I had yet begun. Collected here are a few of the hundreds of color images made available by the Library of Congress.”
Given that color photography had not yet become a development process, but these are indeed film images, rendered stunningly in color; the question arises: are these artwork? Or perhaps artistic documents? posting
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